ProtoTech Services Ltd. is an Edmonton based company specializing in the manufacture of downhole tools for the oil and gas industry.


Since inception in 2001, our growth has been driven by building strong relationships with customers and emphasizing our core values of Service, Quality and Cost Effectiveness.


Our proprietary ERP/Scheduling system allows us to excel in job planning and tracking, giving us the tools needed to meet on time delivery requirements.


By investing in value adding technologies and equipment, and through the application of our unique management style and experience, we are able to work closely with our customers to meet changing demands and assist in developing/refining products and processes.


ProtoTech Services strives too exceed our customer's expectation for Quality of Service and products.


At Prototech, quality objectives are viewed for their ongoing suitability. Furthermore, systems and process are made increasingly better by deployment of Lean Six Sigma methodologies. We aim to increase our customer's satisfaction through our unwavering commitment to continual improvement.


At Prototech, we are dedicated to ensure success of our customers.

Quality Objectives

ProtoTech will strive to continually improve the quality of its product as measured by the percentage of sales that poor quality costs.


Prototech will endeavor to reach and maintain an on time delivery of 98% or better for each customer.


All staff can contribute by ensuring product is produced and delivered, on time and without defect.

Our management system, is certified to ISO 9001:2008 through QMI-SAI Global

Certificate of Registration

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